Website and App Testing Fails: Don’t Let Black Friday Ruin the Biggest Day of the Year

Website and App Testing Fails: Don’t Let Black Friday Ruin the Biggest Day of the Year

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Here we are again, another post about Black Friday. Why should you read this one? What is different about it? Well, for starters, I promise to be short. I also think you will find at least one useful fact to aid in your checklist of items to make sure your site and app don’t become a Black Friday horror story.

Here are three common Black Friday pitfalls to be aware of:

1. Performance and User Conditions

Even though this might seem like “old news”, you want to confirm that you prepared before the Black Friday rush. Black Friday will obviously bring more users to your website from various channels where the leading ones will most likely be mobile, therefore, you need to make sure your mobile web, desktop web and mobile app will function seamlessly with the influx in visitors.

Macy’s Black Friday 2016

User Experience is one of the biggest concerns on Black Friday. How are they going to navigate through your website or app? Are they going to use the camera in app, push notifications, AR, VR, etc.? Will your website or app have trouble loading or crash with the increase in visitors? You need to test in a real environment based lab, to make sure you are ready. Mimicking sensors and camera as well as the entire UX is not simple, therefore you need to have such lab in place as part of your development and testing environment.

2. Context based UX assurance

Apps, especially retail ones are quickly adopting context based methods to better serve their customers. Among the context specific functionalities that we see, you’ll mostly find location based offerings and coupons, popup notifications around deals for that day, as well as AR specific capabilities that might be also related to the location of the customers. If we look into the location aspect, we all know that depending on your location, you might have different products on sale or promoting different items for different demographics, hence, you need your app to run smoother for the UX regardless of location. You want them to be able to seamlessly check out without running into any snags that result in abandonment. Testing against various user conditions that includes locations, network conditions across various devices and OS versions is key to assure such UX.

3. Platform

Making sure the same User Experience is present across the entire digital platforms (learn how here) that includes mobile and desktop web, is important and this becomes a little trickier when traffic volume increases by 2x or maybe 3x on one day. The digital experience across the entire platform is something you want to pay special attention to so you don’t lose any sales in the user process.

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