TWEET CHAT - What Continuous Quality means for IoT

TWEET CHAT – What Continuous Quality means for IoT

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Quality gets complicated when it comes to testing mobile apps. Bring wearables, and larger scale Internet of Things (IoT) into the mix and it’s impossible to make test labs secure and scalable on your own! Smart homes, mobile health devices and connected cars have to work, have to work well and have to work all of the time, or else their launch into the IoT market will fail.

In honor of IoT Day, we want to hear how you’re managing IoT and the testing process – join us on Twitter Wednesday, April 8th!


Eran Kinsbruner, Perfecto Mobile‘s Technical Evangelist and IoT junkie, is hosting a Tweet Chat on April 8th at 10:00AM ET to find out what you’re doing with IoT. Use both hashtags #ContinuousQuality and #IoTDay to submit your questions or answer his.

He’s asking:

• What IoT projects are you working on?

• A quality-first approach is important for testing IoT – how are you testing?

• With IoT comes challenges for testing, what are you experiencing?

• Fragmentation = developers nightmare! How are you dealing with fragmentation in IoT?

• How would you incorporate continuous Quality into IoT?

• What should tools required to support the IOT market include?

Tweet Chat Wednesday, April 8, 10:00AM ET! Join the conversation by following #ContinuousQuality and #IoTDay!

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