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A Week of App Testing Day 3: Mobile Test Automation that Works

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As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at mobile test automation, and specifically, automation that works. And that’s an important differentiator. When apps fail, close to 50% of developers site a lack of reliable automation as the primary reason (read the report).

Test Automation That WorksThe pace of modern mobile development coupled with the variety of tests required to ensure delivery of a quality product have driven development organizations to implement automation solutions. From a testing standpoint, test automation includes implementing software solutions for performing the various tests plus an automated execution environment for triggering test execution.

From a test automation standpoint, organizations typically implement continuous integration and/or continuous delivery processes as a way to manage execution of most of the activities that happen after a developer checks updated or new code into the version control system. Many open source and commercial automation products are available.

Where this gets interesting, is when you start matching requirements against available solutions. You’re building an app. Maybe it’s responsive, and you expect it to run across devices and browsers. Maybe it’s an extension of an existing website, for which your web team has already built Appium scripts. How cool would it be to be able to leverage that one, existing script to test your app across browsers AND mobile devices, to achieve a high level of coverage. Not all automation is created equal, and starting down the wrong road costs not only money, but time, and app value.

Pop over to the website and grab the eBook to read the whole chapter on automation that works, and then dig a little deeper into our website for even more information on how to optimize your process.

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