Test Automation Using Appium and BDD 30 Day Challenge

Up for a Challenge: Test Automation with Appium for #30daysofMobileTesting

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In the spirit of #30daysofmobiletesting, (which you should check out if you haven’t already) I recorded a cool test automation video to show you. The video checks off challenge number 8, “write automated checks with a tool like Espresso, Calabash or Appium.” I did it with iOS and Android, so I guess that checks off number 10 also, which is “perform an update test on iOS or Android.”  🙂

Day 8 Challenge: Test Automation with a tool like Appium

First, I created a standard BDD script using the Amtrak app. The first step in this script is to check the status of a train. Next, the test script will go through the steps to find a ticket from New York to Boston:

Test automation Using BDD and Appium

Then I used Appium to drive my test automation:
Test automation using Appium

The capability data was provided from the configuration file and I also used Perfecto’s cloud as my Appium grid:
Appium grid for mobile application testing in Perfecto's Continuous Quality Lab

Following that I executed test automation with TestNG’s test manager (flow created in Cucumber). All the Cucumber parameters (like glue and feature) and the Appium execution parameters (like device ID) arrived from the TestNG config file:

Test automation using Cucumber and Appium

As you can see in the video below, the script runs on 3 devices (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7) and each device is connected to different network conditions. Check out the whole video!

YouTube: Test Automation Using Appium

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