iOS 10 Reminder of the Mobile Testing Challenges of New Releases

iOS 10 and the Mobile Testing Challenges of New Releases

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In the news this week, Software Development Times discussed mobile testing issues introduced with the release of iOS 10.

Apple’s latest version of iOS was not as radical a change as the company’s previous OS releases. Instead the focus was on updates to features like messaging, calendar, photo and notes. As a result, the user adoption rate so far has been slower than the adoption rate of iOS 8 or 9. Last week, Apple also released iPhone 7. Both releases have presented DevTest teams with a new set of testing challenges.

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The main challenge is Apple has decided to make older iPads, iPods and iPhones obsolete by stopping the OS they can run at iOS 9. This will force teams to adjust their testing plans. They’ll need to support the new iPhone 7/7 Plus along with other Apple devices that can run iOS 10. Additionally, they need to reserve testing for iOS 9 on older Apple devices.

As with any introduction of new devices and operating systems, the Apple releases are a reminder to test apps and websites on real mobile devices with an actual install of each operating system. This kind of testing captures the true user experience. It is vital to understanding how applications will function on new devices for users in the real world. Apple making older phones stop at iOS 9 is also a chance for teams to adapt their test scripts. Automated tests that work in parallel across both iOS 9 and iOS 10 will help teams handle Apple’s latest device and OS fragmentation. Read the full story at Software Development Times

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