Responsive Web: Navigation Testing Is Key

Responsive Web: Navigation Testing Is Key

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In recent blog posts, I discussed the importance of including the right test coverage for a great digital experience, and also touched on the value of client side performance testing for responsive web design (RWD) across devices and platforms.

In this post, I’ll touch on “navigation testing” for RWD. We’ve learned that this testing aspect is a challenge from a quality perspective and requires attention from both developer and testing teams.

Keep in mind that some RWD site testing will work perfectly well for larger screens, but may break down on other devices. Because the user is likely to access an RWD site from various devices with different screen sizes and site breakpoints and content arrangement, it’s important to assure that users can perform full transactions across any screen or platform, whether it’s the largest viewport or the smallest one.

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When re-sizing the browser or simply moving from desktop to smartphone browser, you should validate the following:

  1. Can the user still continue with the previous screen’s functionalities?
  2. Does all the relevant content display correctly and allow the user to complete his actions?
  3. Is there a consistent UX across devices (including object names, labels, colors etc.)?

See for example (below) how Perfecto’s responsive website looks across different screen size widths. It’s critical that you assure the menus that allow full site navigation still function and website features operate across all sizes, platforms and user conditions.


To assure a consistent user experience, these kinds of navigation flows should be tested end-to-end across platforms and against all supported viewports.

To read more about navigation testing and other RWD testing strategies, download our free guide:

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Eran Kinsbruner is the Chief Evangelist at Perfecto and Author of the Digital Quality Handbook and Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals books. He is formerly the CTO for mobile testing and Texas Instruments project manager at Matrix, Eran has been in testing since 1999 with experience that includes managing teams at ADT, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, and NeuStar. You can find Eran on Facebook, Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn, and on his professional continuous testing blog at

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