Mobile Testing: Do You Have the Right Tools to Analyze Results?

Do You Have the Right Tools to Analyze Your Mobile Testing?

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In Agile environments today, a great digital experience is a prerequisite. Organizations are expected to have an efficient mobile testing strategy and release apps quickly across devices and operating systems.

However, without visibility into your test results, it’s hard to deliver high-quality apps.

What makes up a successful reporting tool? Consider these characteristics:

  • It should fit into the Agile mindset of fast feedback and frequent releases.
  • Accessible via the web and be self-generated on-demand by the user.
  • Shareable as possible so testers can communicate results across the organization.
  • Offer a wide scope, from reports on a single test to an entire suite.
  • Highlight risk areas and enable quick troubleshooting.

As part of Perfecto’s product management process, we meet customers that invest five to 10 hours per week in building test automation dashboards that aggregate the insights from a few dozen to thousands of tests executed across both web and mobile platforms. Automation at scale requires this kind of review and analysis of large amounts of content. The key is to get beyond insights and use a reporting tool that helps you take action on these insights.

Digital Test Coverage Index

If you really want to work in a fast-moving ecosystem, it’s critical to know how to manage and measure the digital user experience. Just one change in your app or website can be a one-way ticket to chaos.

A true mobile testing reporting tool

Perfecto recently introduced a new reporting platform to give teams a true discovery tool with the following benefits:

  • Allows users to know what tests to run and when.
  • Measures the impact of changes on user experience and app functionality.
  • Helps understand how your entire quality success rate is affected by changes to a test or build.
  • Facilitates updating and deploying changes to production quickly.

Yes, I know delivering a superb digital user experience is not easy to plan for and execute. There are so many device/OS combinations to test against with new products coming out each month. The iOS 9 release is a painful memory for many organizations. Upon release, the OS notoriously crashed browsers, leaving millions of customers with no access to their pension accounts, financial information or their beloved games. We see the dev and testing challenges already happening with the transition to iOS 10. (Read the latest Perfecto Digital Test Index — which includes data from App Annie — to improve your web and mobile test coverage).

But one thing’s for sure: the mobile market will keep evolving at a rapid pace. Perfecto’s reporting tool will help you manage and measure the market by providing optimal visibility into test results and the ability to take action on the data.

Check out the video below to learn more.

Tzvika Shahaf is a Director of Product Management at Perfecto, focusing on the quality intelligence and reporting and analytics capabilities. He previously worked in business development and product leader roles at venture capital and startup firms.

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