4 Questions and Answers About Tricentis & Perfecto

4 Questions and Answers About Tricentis & Perfecto

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Why is Tricentis creating a cloud execution partner program?

Tricentis’ customers are doing mobile testing in various ways – they do full mobile automation and exploratory testing, some of them prefer simulators or emulators while others want to use real devices. They also can be divided based on the location of devices – some prefer to have them locally, while others want to use device cloud of their choice.
Tricentis wants to fulfill all that needs making it possible to run mobile tests locally and in the cloud of customer’s choice.
Plus, since there are so many great cloud providers, like Perfecto, we do not want to build up our own device cloud to compete with them but integrate our great tools to work together.

Can you describe the contribution of cloud execution to achieve continuous testing at scale?

Making use of devices located on the cloud, testers have an opportunity not to be limited by devices they own in their office. This limits their cost not only for purchasing tablets and smartphones but also for storing the devices locally and taking care of their connection, availability etc.
What is more, cloud providers are always taking care of having the newest operating systems and various device combination what makes testing even more accurate.

How will customers shift existing tests from executing locally to executing on Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab?

Running Mobile tests built with Tricentis Tosca on Perfecto cloud is extremely easy – tests build for local automation can be used without any changes for execution on devices in the cloud. The only thing which needs to be changed is Test Configuration Parameter in your tests which should point to Appium Server on Perfecto cloud and Device Name of the device on which automation should be performed.

Can you explain the integration between the two platforms?

All mobile tests built with Tricentis Tosca can be executed on devices located in Perfecto cloud with no change in tests themselves.

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