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Microsoft Renews Focus on Mobile App Development

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The news this week was thick with stories related to mobile app development from Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Atlanta. WinBeta discussed Microsoft’s notable mobile announcement. The software giant intends to renew its focus on Windows 10 Mobile and create its own devices (Could this be a Surface phone?). This is happening despite the company’s plans to end production of its Lumia phones. Furthermore, Windows 10 Insider Preview was released this week for developers.

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What does this mean for you as a mobile development and testing pro? With the release of the Insider Preview comes the opportunity to test your app on Windows 10 Mobile early. While it’s true that Windows Mobile is not as popular as iOS or Android, there is still a huge opportunity for developers. The sea of apps for iOS and Android is so deep that the competition for app developers is fierce. Windows Mobile apps are few and far between, so developers releasing well-tested Windows 10 apps essentially have a monopoly.

Additionally, the introduction of new devices is, of course, an opportunity to expand your device test coverage. There are still die-hard Windows Phone fans out there, and they’re looking for positive mobile experiences. The key here is to know your users by analyzing customer data and developing personas to test against. If even a small percentage of your customers are using Windows Mobile and Microsoft phones, it’s important to be sure they’ll have the same positive digital experience that iOS and Android users enjoy. Read the full story at WinBeta

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