Perfecto Release 10.4 Drives More Value Through Coverage Expansion and Reporting Updates

Perfecto Release 10.4 Drives More Value Through Coverage Expansion and Reporting Updates

//Perfecto Release 10.4 Drives More Value Through Coverage Expansion and Reporting Updates

We’re excited to share several significant new Perfecto features, driving added value to our customers. Working agile, not all sprints drive significant value; however, some recently released features paint a dazzling picture of value and deliverables!

Fastest Desktop Web Solution

 Release 10.3 included the latest “Turbo Web” solution. The new solution features a 3-4 second browser launch time and accelerated script execution process. We’ve tried this with a number of customer test automation scripts. The performance of this solution has achieved the fastest execution time. Clearly when executing a large number of test cases in a nightly/regression test or even a small number of tests when fast feedback is needed (such as per-commit smoke test), the performance of the test solution comes into play.

In order to enable the fast web solution, customers only need to add the word “/fast’ to the driver creation URL. Here’s a short video demonstrating the performance of the Turbo web solution. Check out this blog post to learn more how Perfecto offers the fastest web test automation in the cloud. 

Touch ID Automation 

The trend of leveraging biometrics to increase security for mobile applications while maintaining user comfort is growing fast. In-app transactions that were executed without user authentication (complete checkout, transfer money) – because re-entry of credentials on a form was unthinkable – are now possible through a streamlined touch ID experience. For application vendors, the test matrix typically grows between 10–30% due to new behavior of the application based on the touch ID result. Clearly, manual testing is not the right answer to enable efficient inclusion of these test cases inside the already-packed agile schedule.

In Perfecto release 10.4, support for touch ID verification (pass/fail) has been added as part of interactive test and automation. The application needs to be instrumented for touch ID operations and thereafter the function can be used. To learn more, read this blog post.

HAR File 

One of the key drivers for end user experience is the efficiency of the application interaction with back-end APIs to deliver content and services. One clear example is in responsive websites, where code efficiency (maintaining a single code line across form factors) could lead to inefficiencies in utilizing network traffic: downloading large images to smartphones, repeated downloads of content, etc., more here). We find that both developers and testers need to dive into the network traffic log on a frequent basis to drive user experience optimization. So far, very few tools have been offered to address this problem: it is possible to record the packet capture (PCAP) file for these interactions, however, a) typically mobile applications encrypt this traffic and it is invisible to testers, and b) packet level traffic is not very meaningful for developers.

Perfecto Release 10.4 now offers (early access) new HAR file functionality, where it is possible to record the network traffic level at the HTTP layer, which provides decrypted network interaction in a format that enables clear and easy understanding of the elements downloaded from service APIs, the timing for each, and which back-end servers are being called, etc. The resulting HAR file is available to download and can later be translated into a waterfall chart, for example, or compared against previous runs. To some degree, security testers can also validate that no calls are being made to insecure servers as well as correct encryption of the data being transferred. To read more about HAR file functionality, read here.

CI Dashboard

 One of the key challenges to any application team is to understand the quality progression over time of each branch. While release cycles are shrinking and the number of features are growing, the need for quality visibility throughout the pipeline is becoming more important than ever. From an efficiency perspective, Dev & Quality teams need to know whether the quality is improving and where to focus their efforts. The new CI dashboard comes to address precisely this motion. As can be seen below, the quality of each build is immediately visible over time and across jobs. Further, the duration history perspective offers insight about the stability of test cases (if the duration spikes over one build, perhaps there were many failures requiring repetitive executions) as well as guiding insight about the capacity required to test the build. To learn more, read this blog post on the CI Integration Legend.

Jira Integration – In scenarios where a defect is reported and now the developer needs good understanding of the issue to correct it, we see frequently the “lost in translation” phenomenon. Developers spend expensive time collecting basic data, reproducing the issue, etc. These delays could prove very costly for the business if the defect happens to be found in production, in front of users.

In Perfecto Release 10.4, Jira integration has been added as part of DigitalZoom Reporting. Once a bug is identified during your triaging process, user will be able to submit a new bug to the corporate Jira in one click: mark the relevant script failure and click on the bug icon to open a Jira dialog box. The new Jira bug will automatically include an URL for the relevant test execution report for any further investigation of artifacts such as screenshots, video, stack trace and more.

For traceability purposes, the single test report will reflect back the current status of the Jira ticket (“New”, “Open”, etc.).

Figure 3: submit a bug to Jira

Figure 4: the resulting Jira ticket

Figure 5: Jira status reflected back in the single test report in Perfecto Release 10.4

To summarize, the past few Perfecto releases included some valuable features for our customers to take advantage of. Looking forward to more rocking stuff coming soon!


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