How Apple’s Announcements Today Will Impact Your Digital Strategy

How Apple’s Announcements Today Will Impact Your Digital Strategy

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Perfecto’s CTO Sheds Light On What to Expect and How to Adapt

In this blog, we are going to review Apple’s latest announcements and highlight the features and characteristics that will affect your application development and testing processes.

Apple announcements are always about innovation and enhanced UX; today was no exception.

Here are four Apple products that were revealed today:

  • Apple Watch series S3
  • Apple 4K TV
  • iPhone 8 family and wireless charging
  • iPhone X

 Let’s drill into each one and analyze the implications on app developers, testers and the CI pipeline:

Apple Watch Series S3

Apple updated us on the growth of this brand over the past year and pointed out the main use cases were for health and fitness.

The Apple Watch series S3 featured a new watch with an improved UI, extended access and visibility into heartbeat monitoring to give better experience to their users.
In addition, they also introduced a new “Apple Heart Study” project that will offer customers more health-related data based on trends.

Putting health and fitness aside, the biggest reveal around the new watch (and in my opinion, the biggest of the day)-Apple added Cellular to it.

While this was key in today’s event, it missed an important part –the eco-system play. The watch supports calls, Apple health app, Apple GPS, Apple music, and Apple Siri. As you may have noticed, they are all Apple’s proprietary applications. There is no opportunity for enterprise apps to resize inside the watch as stand-alone, leaving them as they are in the notification only area.

In my opinion, this makes the watch a consumer electronic device rather than an open platform device (like the phone).

Looks like Apple has decided to move away from the app development for the watch platform, and focus more on the practical day to day activities you can make regardless of your apps.

Therefore, my assumption is that we will see low demand for the watch from enterprise app developers.

Apple 4K TV

Apple’s new 4K TV with HDR10 provides a very impressive visual experience. It also offers access to wider content providers with support for live broadcasts- however, it introduces less impact on enterprises digital strategy.

iPhone 8 Family and Wireless Charging

Today also marked the launch of two new iPhones; the 8 and 8+, that provide minor improvements on top of last year’s 7 series.

The screen size and resolution remain the same, however, these devices include a new strong A11 bionic chipset that was specifically designed for iOS 11.

iPhone 7, with an older chipset, is going to receive the iOS11 update in the coming week. From my experience, this will potentially cause hardware related side effects such as memory, battery and performance issues.

The wireless charging feature that was introduced with the new iPhone is a very cool enhancement, but has no impact on dev and test activities.  

iPhone X

  • Size: The new screen size grows to 5.8’’ and with a new screen resolution of 2436 x 1125 and new 458 PPI , the UI can be impacted by these changes as well as app performance
  • Face ID: With this new feature, all authentication related flows should now cover both touch id for older devices and Face ID for this device. Plan for increased test execution flow.
  • Home Button: With the physical button now gone, tests need to be modified to support the two different flows since there is a new swipe up gesture to access the home screen.
  • Battery Improvement: With this added feature, your tests should verify your application power consumption is tuned both on the new as well as older devices.

Make sure your app functions properly on this new device that supports an edge to edge display concept and a new home logical button.

Keep in mind, of course, that existing iPhone devices are still on the market and your app needs to continuously function on them as well.

What We’ve Learned Today

My two takes from today’s event are as follows:

  1. iPhone X introduced a new user engagement that will impact dev and quality activities.
    • Your lab should be adjusted to cover this new device as well as the iPhone 8/8+ that will most likely show great adoption as well.
  2. Apple watch supporting cellular is a great improvement. It looks like Apple took a new approach that may limit 3rd party application developers from entering that space.
    • Perfecto will follow the trend around the new watch and see how the market and the enterprises are adopting the new watch          

To further prepare for Apple’s upcoming launch of iOS 11 next week, click here.


Uzi joined Perfecto Mobile seven years ago after a fifteen year career as a software developer and manager at IDF, Netrialty, Comverse and Sundisk. Over the past seven years, Uzi has helped grow Perfecto by managing expanding R&D teams and leading sales engineering teams. His fields of expertise include agile methodologies, mobile application testing, automation tools, and defining customer projects and on-boarding.

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