Perfecto Offers the Fastest Web Test Automation in the Cloud

Perfecto Offers the Fastest Web Test Automation in the Cloud

//Perfecto Offers the Fastest Web Test Automation in the Cloud

At Perfecto, since the introduction of desktop web browsers to the continuous quality lab, we’re seeing tremendous growth in new test cases, acceleration in frequency of executions, usage of key browsers and versions, and overall significant growth in the number of executions with a need for web test automation.  This isn’t unique to Perfecto’s customers: we see a clear intensification of the test activities, whether managed within the test team, development team or both. Another indicator of advancement is teams’ execution tests on both mobile and desktop web, typically as part of responsive website coverage.

The reality of such growth is that a robust lab in the cloud is an absolute necessity. Teams do not have the time, resources and sometimes access to maintain these VMs. Having a lab in the cloud with high availability is a mandatory requirement to allow accelerated recurring executions of scripts to enable fast feedback to the developer as part of the agile process. The aspect in focus here is the scale and performance of the lab: Can your lab execute a limited amount of test cases and provide response within minutes? Can the lab execute a large amount of test cases, achieve the needed capacity and provide the relevant reporting?

The increasing testing cycle

For desktop web, the minimum required desktop browsers that a team ought to cover as part of a web/responsive web app testing includes more than 30 permutations. That’s before considering mobile web, which would add 30 more mobile platform combinations.

Web test coverage for the major browsers

With the above requirements of amount of platforms to cover, tests that in average would often pass the 10,000 test cases. Perfecto is excited to enable its customers to remove the obstacles of web test automation coverage, test execution time and with our new FASTEST web solution:

Perfecto's Web Test Automation solution

With Perfecto’s solution, typical browser launch time for the beta, GA and previous version for the leading platforms is between 3-6 seconds. Script execution time also shrunk significantly. To read more about the fastest Web testing solution, please read here:

Perfecto’s lab in the cloud, provides its customers with the fastest SAAS solution to test both Web, Mobile and IOT platforms using the most common test frameworks and IDE’s and in addition, offers a very detailed digital reporting framework that can help better structure the tests for easier analysis.

This demo, shows an example of using Perfecto solution to develop a selenium test code that validates the form of Shelter Insurance web site. As can be seen in the video, the entire test execution from desktop VM launch through the validation that consists of 50 test steps, takes less than 30 seconds.

Obviously, with such execution performance, teams can scale their test plans, do more testing on more platforms and adhere to the short release cycles.


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