Perfecto Boosts Team Collaboration with Digital Zoom™ Reporting Slack Integration

Perfecto Boosts Team Collaboration with Digital Zoom™ Reporting Slack Integration

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Communicating quality for your digital products across the organization is becoming a MUST. Having the ability to take data-driven decisions in real-time enables organizations to move faster and assure their customer digital experience.
As activities are growing and teams become hybrid (as part of the move to agile workflows), it is hard to keep everyone on the same page.
In most cases, team communications are increasingly noisy and overwhelmed by the large amount of data that makes it hard for them to keep track of the ongoing threads.

Often, quality and dev team members just need to send a quick and straightforward message to update the others on a specific action that was taken/completed. There are variety of tools and methods to manage these notifications where in most cases result in:

  • Email groups
  • IM apps such as WhatsApp, Skype for Business and others.
  • Enterprise collaboration networks and portals such as Jive, IBM Connections, HipChat and more.

Now, that we agree that team collaboration is important and the use of unified communication channel is even more important to create better alignment as well as to drive productivity and efficiency.

That’s where Slack comes in. no need to introduce this company or its trendy impact. What I would emphasize is that everything happens in one place and can be segmented by creating Channels for various topics.

Tune Yourself only to the Relevant Channels

In our DigitalZoom™ Reporting Dev team, we have 77 Slack channels! Starting from a dedicated channel per each product component team like:

  • Team Channel – “#Ui-Team”
  • Different CI Components Channels: “#Jenkins-Master”, “#Jenkins Changes”
  • DB updates Channel – “#Mongo”
  • Fun Channels – Dedicated channels for team culture:
    • Recommended “#Music
    • “#Food” – get instant updates about “where are we having lunch today or what’s the best takeaway order of the day?”

You can assign your specific team members to as many (or as few) channels as you need in order to keep topics visible to the team members as their role and activities requires.

Reporting dev team pic

Perfecto Reporting Dev Team

Aligning Quality over CI

When we first released DigitalZoom™ Reporting we acknowledged the need to tie the reports to CI. Since day one of this product release we made sure customers can close the loop at the end of the execution and dive into the details in our suite level reports. The common use case that adds the highest value to most of our users, is the ability to receive at the end of a specific CI Job test execution, a link within the Jenkins job, that points directly to a DigitalZoom™ report.

But, most of testers and developers would rather not spend their vast majority of time in Jenkins (#JustLetMeCode isn’t it?). They prefer to get instant update once the build is over instead of actively look for the data and being redirected to the test report from Jenkins.

CI - Job & Build in Reporting

Setting Digital-Zoom™ Reporting Slack Channel 

We all know that best products are built due to a self or internal need. That was exactly the case here. So when Michael, R&D Director who leads the DigitalZoom™ Reporting team felt that the existing process can be done better, he simply used the same post-build plugin to make sure that all builds, report the status to slack, and that everyone can instantly access directly from a slack massage a DigitalZoom™ report and further investigate an issue with all available test artifacts.


From here it should depend on your team needs, and how you want to customize the data to fit their process.
For further info about the Jenkins & Slack integration visit our developers site.

To enhance the basic communication channel, we at Perfecto, use a Bot to push events data to team members at the end of each Jenkins build execution. The team members are subscribed to these events updates sent by the Slackbot that are relevant for them and they get notified about things in real-time.

Slack Reporting

Setting the Right Channel for Collaboration

As a member of the Product Management team, you always look for the right validation points when you meet with customers and talk about the current and future offering. You hope that you’re doing something right when a customer says that he hopes to establish soon a Slack Channel with you, Perfecto, to maintain the discussion around new features warm and get constant updates about new releases.


Well, we plan to continue optimizing the way quality insights and actionable data can be streamed or shared across the entire organization. Our goal here is to make sure that your feedback loop cycle is effective as possible so that you’ll be able to identify issues and bugs early in the process.

Start building efficient collaboration processes to ensure that Test Automation at scale is aligned with DevOps cycles. Combine Quality Insights, CI and the People you need, together in one place, to shorten your Feedback Loop Cycele and optimize your Digital User Experience.

Tzvika Shahaf is a Director of Product Management at Perfecto, focusing on the quality intelligence and reporting and analytics capabilities. He previously worked in business development and product leader roles at venture capital and startup firms.

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