Animated Video: Achieve Digital Quality Across Platforms

Animated Video: Achieve Digital Quality Across Platforms

/, Responsive Web Design/Animated Video: Achieve Digital Quality Across Platforms

Mobile users today simply expect a seamless transition between smartphones, tablets and desktops. When they’re watching a movie on their tablets and stop before the big car chase, they expect to resume the action later on their desktop or TV. When they add items to a shopping cart using a smartphone, those same items better be there that night when they go to complete the transaction in a desktop web browser.

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When this user journey is smooth and glitch-free, we call it a great “digital experience.” However, delivering a consistent digital experience across smartphones, tablets and desktops is a key challenge for teams building responsive websites. Too many web teams have separate workflows for desktop browser and mobile testing. Plus, having separate mobile and web teams using different tools makes it hard to spot differences across devices.

But perhaps it’s better to tell this story using animation. In this fun and instructive video, watch how QA director Dan rallies his troops (and a skeptical boss) to answer the call for delivering great digital experiences across platforms using one test automation script and one lab.

Dan’s a smart guy. Be like Dan.

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