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Top 5 Features Your Test Analytics Tool Needs Right Now!

Enterprises are under constant pressure to improve software delivery cycles while maintaining - or even improving - quality. The only feasible way to iterate more quickly while ensuring quality is to implement Continuous Testing as part of the overall development strategy. Continuous testing (CT) allows organizations to gather fast feedback per each code change (commit) as part of the continuous integration (CI) workflow. When implemented properly, CT can help organizations attain true DevOps status.

Perfecto’s DigitalZoom™ Adds Support for Software Version Control with tools to speed up DevOps processes

How do you keep track of all the moving parts of Continuous Testing? Source Code, Test Scripts, logs, visuals, and other artifacts are created and collected during the all-encompassing processes of Continuous Testing throughout the DevOps pipeline. The amount of test data and number of artifacts are constantly growing and at the same time require traceability. We at Perfecto, see digital enterprises asking a key, fundamental question: How do we optimize testing activities in order to identify and fix issues as early as possible in the SDLC?