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Responsive Web and Adaptive Web: The Pros and Cons

Both responsive web design (RWD) and adaptive web design (AWD) enhance the user experience across different devices. But digital teams ramping up their web development and test coverage efforts should bear in mind the key differences between RWD and AWD. RWD uses one layout and scales down website elements to fit the screen. Conversely, AWD doesn't use a single layout that changes with each screen size, but rather multiple layouts designed for various screens. This

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Using JavaScript to Measure Responsive Web Performance

When beginning a responsive web project, developers and testers have to be hyper-aware of page performance for the following reasons: The same code should be executed on web and mobile and most of the time mobile devices are connected to slower networks (3G, 4G, bad reception) and need to work across different screen sizes. Responsive websites contain more objects and not all the objects should be downloaded to all clients. For example, a website contains

Set Your Digital Test Lab with Mobile and Web Calendars

The digital space is constantly changing with numerous mobile and web platforms and devices hitting the market. These changes come on top of an already challenging market jam-packed with legacy and trending devices and browser updates across geographies. While this all may seem hard to manage and predict if you're part of a digital Dev/Test/IT team, it can be simplified by building a predictable calendar for both the mobile and web platforms and plan accordingly.

Responsive Web: Navigation Testing Is Key

In recent blog posts, I discussed the importance of including the right test coverage for a great digital experience, and also touched on the value of client side performance testing for responsive web design (RWD) across devices and platforms. In this post, I'll touch on "navigation testing" for RWD. We've learned that this testing aspect is a challenge from a quality perspective and requires attention from both developer and testing teams. Keep in mind that

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What Makes a Great Digital Experience?

The term "digital experience" can seem like just a buzzword, until you actually ... um ... experience it. And, in order to be successful, providing a good digital experience for your users is a necessity. Users demand that their digital experiences be beautiful, seamless and useful. Digital experiences are driven by seamlessness, a concept that comes alive every time we start streaming a TV show on our smartphone and resume it later on a laptop;

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Animated Video: Achieve Digital Quality Across Platforms

Mobile users today simply expect a seamless transition between smartphones, tablets and desktops. When they're watching a movie on their tablets and stop before the big car chase, they expect to resume the action later on their desktop or TV. When they add items to a shopping cart using a smartphone, those same items better be there that night when they go to complete the transaction in a desktop web browser. Listen to this "Perfecto

Video Demo: Side-by-Side Web Testing for Mobile and Desktop

With half of all web traffic coming from a mobile device, companies are moving to a responsive web design and omni-channel strategy to make sure every user has a consistent experience across smartphones, tablets, desktops and wearables. This week we announced our next-generation Continuous Quality Lab (CQL) that allows digital quality teams to do side by side testing of web and mobile apps on real devices. Users of the lab can perform manual and automated

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Perfecto Goes ‘Digital’ with Next-Gen Continuous Quality Lab

Perfecto introduced the next step on its mission to help enterprises deliver on what consumers are increasingly expecting: a consistent digital experience across all devices. We call it Continuous Quality. With Perfecto's next-generation Continuous Quality Lab (CQL), digital teams can broaden their test coverage by performing side-by-side testing of mobile web and desktop browsers so there's no breakdown as customers move across devices and desktop to order groceries, complete banking transactions, book flights and accomplish

Responsive Web: The Importance of Client-Side Performance

One of the goals of developing a responsive website (RWD) is to assure a flawless user experience across all digital platforms (web, mobile, IoT). To achieve that goal, there are functional testing considerations that should be taken into account such as proper test coverage goals, navigation testing and visual testing. However, one of the most important test considerations for RWD from a UX standpoint is the client-side performance of your responsive website. Users these days

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Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Responsive Web Testing Webinar

At least half of web traffic comes from a mobile device, a statistic that's driving companies to consider a responsive web strategy to ensure a great user experience across smartphones, tablets and desktops. However, there's a lot more to responsive web design than simply resizing a browser window. Please join us on Tuesday April 5 at 2:00 pm EST for a webinar with expert speakers from Perfecto and Applitools on how to deliver a consistent

Responsive Web Testing: 3 Common Mistakes

Over the past year, one new statistic made it clear that the mobile web should be a priority for every business. Half of global web traffic now comes from a mobile device, according to reports from both Google and IBM. Half? Website and mobile app developers need to get their responsive web testing plan in place! Combine that with the fact that four out of 10 purchases in the U.S. now involve multiple devices, and

Responsive Web: Five Testing Considerations

With more and more consumers expecting to shop, bank, work and socialize across different devices, organizations are embracing responsive web design (RWD) as a tool to help them deliver a consistent digital experience on every screen. Growth of cross-device transactions (Source: Criteo's State of Mobile Commerce Report) But due to the complexity of digital environments and user experiences -- responsive web is easier said than done. Organizations that develop RWD sites often face challenges when

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Web Testing Quick Tip: Remember User Conditions

With website testing, QA teams tend to stick with functional, layout and performance testing. In this blog, we'd like to highlight another aspect of web testing: testing for web apps from the perspective of the user to assure that the actual user experience is accounted for in testing. In today's competitive landscape, websites are exposed to a lot of interruptions caused by web add-ons or, in the majority of cases, adware popups. Pop-up interruptions are

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My Lesson About Responsive Web and Image Scaling

I recently lead the responsive web design project for our corporate website and I learned a few things that developers and QA practitioners should keep in mind when building and delivering a great digital experience. Our new site was designed and developed with the help of Cyberwoven and Duality, our new brand designers. I've gone through many website launches in my day and though this was not the biggest, it was the most exciting. Not only

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