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Proven Methodology for Cross-Platform Application Testing Success

If you make your living building or testing applications, there’s one question you can’t avoid: “With the market constantly changing, which platforms do I need to test against to make sure I’m not missing something important?” Enterprise app development teams need to ensure a great user experience (UX), and in order to deliver that experience, they must keep up with change; this is where Perfecto can be an invaluable partner. We continuously scan the market and map out specific tipping points that happen throughout the year: for example, when the latest major OS versions for iOS and Android become widely adopted.

The Essentials of a Responsive Web Test Plan

Key Pillars for Mobile and Web Platform Testing as Part of a RWD Project Various industry segments, are investing more and more engineering efforts to better engage with their audiences, regardless of their platform, environment or geography. Mobile native apps are great and are still a key digital enabler for these organizations, however, having a seamless digital platform that works seamlessly on any device, OS version and screen size and resolution is becoming de-facto in

  • Simplify Mobile Testing

How Do You Test Automated Data Entry for Mobile Web Apps? A Tip We Gave to Our Customer

These days, many brands are finding new ways of streamlining the user experience in order to drive higher adoption rates, increased security, and user satisfaction. Onboard sensors offer a great alternative to tedious manual data entry; in many cases, this not only enhances and simplifies the user experience, but also can allow for the creation of new and compelling flows. Indeed, the successes which have followed the addition of fingerprint ID- and soon, face ID-

What to Look for When Selecting a Cross-Browser Testing Framework

With a plethora of testing solutions, whether commercial or open-source, some are selenium WebDriver based, some are proprietary, organizations are finding it hard to match the right tools for their cross-browser testing needs. Bryan Osterkamp, Lead Technical Architect, Dev and Ops Infrastructure Architecture Division at USAA, made a very nice analogy for this selection process referring this as an infrastructure as a freeway. “There are a few things about a freeway. For instance, once a freeway

Cross-Browser Testing Tools: Top 10 Testing Frameworks Comparison Guide

How Do You Find the Automated Testing Tools that Best Fit Your Project’s Needs? Getting the most out of your automated testing setup isn’t just about having good tools.  It’s also about making sure your tools fit your needs-  and your project.  Everyone knows about Selenium, and it’s a great place to start.  However, even though Selenium’s WebDriver is the basis for a majority of tools on the market in 2017,  there are still gaps

5 Cross-browser Testing Mistakes You Might be Making Right Now

In our business, we have a unique opportunity to see the strategic problems which, sadly, lead some teams to fall short of their web quality goals. The direct outcome of these failures:  poor customer experiences and impacts on businesses’ bottom lines.  Also, having to retool your quality strategy costs time and money- and sometimes even employees!   So, you’d like the recipe for cross-browser testing success?  Well, in principle, the ingredients are pretty simple:  

How the “Digital Quality Handbook” Was Born

Travel back with me… to late September 2016. It’s the Jewish New Year, and I am in Boston, MA. As I celebrate the passing of another great year, I think to myself, “After being in the software quality space for nearly 20 years, isn’t it about time that I reach out to the community of thought leaders and influencers and create an asset that can fill a gap in the market that we can give

Why Every Company Needs a Digital Lab

Businesses today are rapidly moving towards a digital engagement channel with their customers, their employees, their partners, and their vendors.  This shift to digital is not only driving productivity and efficiency gains, but its disrupting existing business models.  Just think of what iTunes has done to Tower Records, Netflix to Blockbuster, and more recently Uber to taxis.  Each were caught off-guard by a rapid shift to digital customer engagement that disrupted existing engagement channels.  With

A Responsive Web Design Testing Strategy Leveraging Selenium Automation

Intro to Responsive Web Design- RWD There’s been a clear transition toward developing responsive website design (RWD) over the past few years. This adoption is driven by factors like: Consistent user experience (UX) and display across platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) Easy maintenance of the product – write once, deploy anywhere concept Cost savings due to specific dev and test skill set and tooling used across the RWD SDLC With the excitement and benefits above,

Test Automation for Windows 10 Surface

About Windows 10 Surface Windows 10 Surface machines are becoming popular laptops, so many enterprises are developing Windows applications for this platform. The default browser on these machines is Microsoft Edge, which has several form factors and can behave as a laptop or a tablet. In short, there’s a lot that’s new and different on these machines that can go wrong. Naturally, test automation is the appropriate direction for ensuring high quality of applications and

Why You Should Think About Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD)

Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Tags and Customized Test Code Quality visibility is all about logic. It should be fast, easy and mostly effective – if the dashboard or report that you’re using gives you the right ‘hint’ of what is the next move – then you’re all set. When it comes to gaining fast and efficient quality analysis, these are usually the pains we hear: Test executions - length as well as context-driven test

Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll

A Week of App Testing Day 3: Mobile Test Automation that Works

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at mobile test automation, and specifically, automation that works. And that’s an important differentiator. When apps fail, close to 50% of developers site a lack of reliable automation as the primary reason (read the report). The pace of modern mobile development coupled with the variety of tests required to ensure delivery of a quality product have driven development

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Best of Summer: Tips for Responsive Web Design Testing

This summer, more consumers than ever are using different devices to shop, travel to the beach, work and keep up with friends. Is your website ready? Can it conform to any screen size? These questions are driving developers and QA managers to a responsive web design (RWD) approach that delivers a seamless digital experience on any device, operating system or browser. However, teams building responsive websites are up against complex user environments. Network connections are

Why Apps Succeed: Getting Over the Obstacles (Infographic)

The importance today of having a strong digital presence is undeniable, but the road to consistently releasing great mobile apps and websites is paved with challenges. Each organization has its own unique challenges in achieving true digital quality, but at a high level, development and testing teams tend to worry about being fast enough to keep up with market demands, and also durable enough for the complicated real world where mobile users are always, well,

  • Test Across All Digital Platforms

Perfecto Announces First-Day Support for FireFox Version 47

With the digital market changing every day, Perfecto always aims to give digital developers and testers immediate access to the newest browser and mobile operating system releases. This accessibility makes it easy teams to quickly perform mobile and browser testing as soon as new releases are available. Desktop browser updates for FireFox and Chrome, in particular, can be tricky. They're often automatically updated on PCs without alerting users, and that may inadvertently cause issues with

  • Test Web and Mobile On The Right Devices

Responsive Web: Testing on the Right Devices and Browsers

When formulating a responsive web design test plan, it's important to strategically identify the right mobile devices and desktop browsers for your manual and automated testing. Making sure that you have the right test coverage will help ensure a great digital experience for all your users. For mobile device testing, you can use your own customer analytics together with market data to complement your coverage, or leverage reports such the Digital Test Coverage Index Report.

  • Side by Side Testing

Are You Doing Side-by-Side Testing For Web and Mobile?

This week, Perfecto conducted a webinar around the shift to digital and the importance of building and releasing web and mobile products. We covered the practices of running side by side testing of Selenium test code across multiple platforms, and in multiple languages (Java and C#) and IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio and InteliJ). During the webinar we conducted two polls about companies testing plans for web and mobile. Are you testing your

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