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3 Steps to Debug and Test Your iOS App in the Cloud

With less than 2 months until WWDC, there’s been no shortage of iOS platform changes since last year. We’ve seen 6 iOS updates since September, iPhone 4.x support retirement, and iOS 10 render tests written in frameworks like Appium unusable until months after release. Though the stability of the iOS development landscape has improved in the last year, Apple continues to change what it means to develop rich mobile experiences quickly and reliably. Without nimble

Debugging From Your IDE is Much Easier Now – It’s On the Cloud

Development teams today in many cases become THE business. More and more organizations build their business strategy on digital channels – Web, mobile and social. Although developers spend most of their day in their IDE, developing new code and debugging – in many cases, those few development teams are responsible for hundreds of millions in company revenue. To address business needs, development teams need to move fast and be more agile, they need to be

Perfecto TV: Brad Hart One-on-One on Agile and Fast Feedback

Brad Hart, Perfecto's VP of Product Management sits down with us for a Q&A session on achieving Agile with faster feedback in across the app dev cycle, in support of Yuval Yeret's  (AgileSparks) eBook, Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle which focuses on best practices for the Agile approach for software delivery.   Take a look, and please, let us know what you think. If you want to talk more about it, let

Helping a Dozen Developers Create Value at Developer Week 2017 Hackathon

In my role as Developer Advocate, I frequently get to help do something good for other people under the guise of doing “business”. At Developer Week 2017 in San Francisco, that meant providing developers an opportunity to win $2,000 cash while building open source tools that would help other people. Perfecto’s hackathon challenge was to build an analyzer for HAR files that provides insights into errors, performance, and content structure. They could use whatever languages

  • Espresso test automation framework

Using Espresso for Fast and Reliable Feedback

Last week, we hosted a webinar on Espresso, the UI testing framework for Android native apps. As an introductory, it was great to see a mix of experiences and skill sets in the audience We chose this topic because we see many customers interested in using Espresso, migrating from other frameworks, and combining testing technologies to include more testing in every build cycle. Questions: Daniel: “What's your opinion about using UIAutomator with Espresso? It's a

Check Out the Latest in Web and Mobile Development Tools

Last week we introduced new web and mobile development tools that improve velocity within your SDLC, giving you more time to develop (and spend less time fixing bugs). "Just Let Me Code" was our battle cry as we debuted the tools at DeveloperWeek 2017 in San Francisco. Check out a demo of the latest and greatest - DevTunnel - to see how you can debug, validate and troubleshoot your web and mobile apps with real

The Path to Agile Testing Through Sprint Planning

One of the key pillars of Agile is to drive effective interactions between the right individuals. We want to structure teams that are able to deliver value in a complex environment. Since we believe face-to-face interaction amongst co-located individuals is the best medium of communication, we strive to create co-located teams in which all participants are delivering value, especially for our tough features/initiatives, if not all of our work.   We believe in focusing development

Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll

Shifting Mobile App Quality into the Dev Build Cycles

There’s no doubt that quality is becoming a joint team responsibility, and with that in mind it is not enough for traditional QA engineers to develop and execute test automation post a successful build. Expectations around mobile application development teams are growing; they are on the hook to produce quality code. To do this, devs must try to include as many tests as they can in their build cycles for each code commit. Tests can

Adaptability Through Early Validation

Software teams aspire to work fast, adapt to their market’s needs, and to have a sense of pride in their work. Defects can crush those aspirations, which means they need to be addressed as early as possible. Testing as part of every build improves quality and velocity by reducing re-work through fast feedback on code changes, but there’s far more to it than automated testing. "Quality is more important than quantity, and in the end,

  • Detect, Triage and Resolve App Issues

5 Ways to Detect App Issues Earlier in Your Release Cycles – A Webinar Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for our webinar on Wednesday, here’s a recap and some insights on how you can detect app issues during production instead of during acceptance testing. Paul Bruce, Developer Evangelist, and Nick Sanjines, Systems Engineer, both with Perfecto, took time to talk about how the industry is approaching app development and testing. There were some technical glitzes with the presentation platform but they were able to talk

  • Mobile Banking Continuous Quality

Accelerate Continuous Quality in Mobile Banking and Retail

In their Q3’ 2017 earnings report, Bank of America reported growth in their online and digital banking adoption to 21 million mobile banking active users. "That’s better for customers, it’s also better for our shareholders," said Paul Donofrio, Bank of America CFO. "It’s one-tenth the cost of walking into a branch.” Key to mobile banking continuous quality success is automation. The Bank of America example is not unique and is in line with the trend toward digital banking interactions

  • Automotive Testing Tools

Eliminating Flaky UI Tests to Stabilize Continuous Delivery

The software delivery process is constantly evolving to meet market and economic demands. New technologies allow developers to build software faster which requires equal improvement of practices in other areas of delivery such as testing to avoid creating gaps in quality or velocity. A modern approach to this challenge by top performing software teams is to adopt testing as part of short iterative development cycles rather than treat software quality as a separate phase of

  • Test Automation

Up for a Challenge: Test Automation with Appium for #30daysofMobileTesting

In the spirit of #30daysofmobiletesting, (which you should check out if you haven't already) I recorded a cool test automation video to show you. The video checks off challenge number 8, "write automated checks with a tool like Espresso, Calabash or Appium." I did it with iOS and Android, so I guess that checks off number 10 also, which is "perform an update test on iOS or Android."  :) Day 8 Challenge: Test Automation with a tool like

  • Mobile app testing Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Renews Focus on Mobile App Development

The news this week was thick with stories related to mobile app development from Microsoft's Ignite conference in Atlanta. WinBeta discussed Microsoft's notable mobile announcement. The software giant intends to renew its focus on Windows 10 Mobile and create its own devices (Could this be a Surface phone?). This is happening despite the company's plans to end production of its Lumia phones. Furthermore, Windows 10 Insider Preview was released this week for developers. What does

  • Best Mobile Testing Tools

Perfecto Enhances Web Testing and Android App Development

At Perfecto, we always try to help DevTest teams perfect the digital experience for their mobile and desktop users. Today we're taking another step forward with the launch of a new product release -- version 8.5 of our Continuous Quality Lab. This release will improve how app developers and testers perform mobile and web testing. CQ Lab key enhancements include: Android Studio IDE plugin enhancements Visual analysis support for web application testing Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Develop a Mobile Testing Strategy

5 Considerations for Picking a Mobile Testing Framework

With today's rich set of tools and frameworks, it can be hard to decide which mobile testing framework to use. Fortunately, this question comes up a lot with Perfecto customers and other software teams, and we have a few considerations to help you make your own decision. Consideration 1: Scope of mobile testing Each testing framework satisfies a unique set of challenges and capabilities. For instance, xcTest and Espresso are unit testing frameworks for entirely

  • No User Experience Testing, No Disco

Perfecto and CA Join Forces for Backend and Mobile Testing

Will your mobile app work at your customer's moment of need? And I mean instantly? Mobile users only have one or two seconds of patience for an app to display the requested information before they leave. This means the complex trip from app tap to call to the backend service to call to the database and then back to the app must happen in a moment. Here's an example of my mobile moment of need.

  • Mobile Test Framework

3 Lies Agile Testing Teams Tell Themselves

When building an agile testing team, there are assumptions and then there's reality. Below are some questions to consider as you assess your company's agile progress. Are your developer and QA teams really working together in an agile way to deliver great digital experiences? Does your agile team have the right skills to be successful? Who's actually in charge of your agile strategy? See which mobile devices to test on and create a test coverage

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