• Codeless automation in the cloud

Codeless Automation: Why It’s Better in the Cloud

In general, codeless test automation solves a huge test automation creation and productivity problem for business testers and developers — enabling business testers to create and execute fully-automated test scenarios without coding; and freeing developers up to focus on product development and innovation. With solutions like Perfecto Codeless, machine learning and AI capabilities eliminate precious time in creating and maintaining scripts — and complement Selenium test automation written in code. But what are the differences

  • Selenium vs Codeless Automation

Selenium vs. Codeless Automation: Which is Right for Me?

  In part two of our codeless automation testing blog series, we dive into Selenium and codeless automation testing, underpinning which technique is best for DevOps teams. While Selenium automation testing has been the de facto choice for web testing, it is notoriously complex and can only be performed by a developer. Codeless automation, meanwhile, is growing in popularity amongst business testers with varying levels of coding skills as well as developers who are focusing

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What Is Codeless Test Automation?

Today, innovative technologies are fueling digital transformation across all industries. While these are exciting times, from a DevOps standpoint, these innovations are also posing new challenges for both dev and test teams. From a continuous testing (CT) perspective, there is still a huge gap in implementing test automation that runs in a reliable, stable and efficient way throughout the DevOps pipeline. From talking to our own customers, we found that more than 40 percent of