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Shane is Perfecto's Content Marketing Manager. He oversees the company's content production, including the corporate blog, white papers, podcasts and infographics. Shane brought with him to Perfecto 12 years of technology journalism experience in roles such as Managing Editor for InformationWeek and Assistant Managing Editor and Senior Writer at where his writing garnered an ASBPE Award for his blog, "Eye on Microsoft" and a min Editorial & Design Award. You can find Shane obsessing over mobile technology, sports and pop culture on Twitter @smoneill.
  • iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Now Available in Perfecto’s CQ Lab

There are many advantages to using a cloud-based testing lab – 24/7 support, an always-on environment, enterprise-level security. But let's not forget about access to new devices on the day they're available in stores. Today's the day for you to test iPhone 7 and 7 Plus inside Perfecto's CQ Lab. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are officially available in Perfecto's cloud. We're excited to share that Apple's latest and greatest are up and

  • mobile app testing

Banking Apps: It Takes Focused Mobile Testing to Be Great

If you're anything like me, you've been using financial services apps a lot more lately. A few years ago the idea of accessing banking information on a smartphone would give me anxiety. Now I'm comfortably dependent on my financial apps to pay bills and transfer money. The apps are just easy to use, and frequent security alerts and email updates have curbed my anxiety about privacy issues. It's clear that big banks are committed to

  • Connected Car Testing

Mobile Testing News Roundup: Netflix, Connected Cars and More

Here are the mobile testing topics in the news this week that got us excited. Netflix realizes its Internet speed testing website needed an app; TechRepublic breaks down what makes a mobile app successful; Bloomberg reports on the accelerated pace of connected cars and IoT; and a UK train ticket service uses customer analytics to improve mobile testing and digital quality. Read on for more details. Netflix Launches FAST Speed Test App for Simple Connection

  • Responsive Web Design Testing Tips

Best of Summer: Tips for Responsive Web Design Testing

This summer, more consumers than ever are using different devices to shop, travel to the beach, work and keep up with friends. Is your website ready? Can it conform to any screen size? These questions are driving developers and QA managers to a responsive web design (RWD) approach that delivers a seamless digital experience on any device, operating system or browser. However, teams building responsive websites are up against complex user environments. Network connections are

  • Great Digital Experience Team

Podcast: How to Close the IT-Business Gap

I'm sure you've heard about companies "going digital." In part, this refers to replacing physical experiences like visiting a brick-and-mortar store with delivering a great digital experience via mobile apps or websites. But, presenting a united digital experience for every web, app, or IoT user sometimes means breaking down the barriers between business, creative and development. Truly "going digital" is about consolidating internal teams and resources. The idea is to bring web, mobile and social

Why Apps Succeed: Getting Over the Obstacles (Infographic)

The importance today of having a strong digital presence is undeniable, but the road to consistently releasing great mobile apps and websites is paved with challenges. Each organization has its own unique challenges in achieving true digital quality, but at a high level, development and testing teams tend to worry about being fast enough to keep up with market demands, and also durable enough for the complicated real world where mobile users are always, well,

  • Mobile Testing Across All Digital Platforms

Why Apps Succeed: Keys to Winning the Digital Quality Game

What does a successful mobile app do? Here are some digital quality characteristics that will keep your users coming back for more: It quickly does what it promises to do (Uber finds you a ride, Waze gives you the fastest route to your destination) It's always easy to use and navigate It releases regular updates with useful new features It has no bugs (and if there are bugs, they're fixed quickly with an update) It

  • Secure Mobile Device Lab

Digital Quality: What Perfecto’s Doing to Help

We've been writing a lot on this digital quality blog about what the digital experience looks like today. We've covered the the technical challenges and the business impact of delivering a great digital experiences across multiple devices, screen sizes, operating systems and browsers. Listen to an interview with Roi Carmel, Sr. VP of Products and Corporate Strategy: These themes and ideas have inspired three main areas where Perfecto has been investing its resources over the

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