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Eran Kinsbruner is the Lead Technical Evangelist at Perfecto and Author of the Digital Quality Handbook and Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals books. He is formerly the CTO for mobile testing and Texas Instruments project manager at Matrix, Eran has been in testing since 1999 with experience that includes managing teams at ADT, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, and NeuStar. You can find Eran on Facebook, Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn, and on his professional mobile testing blog at https://continuoustesting.blog/.

4 Keys to Better Test Automation Using Object Identification

In his section of The Digital Quality Handbook, Uzi Eilon gives a great overview of one of the keys to test automation:  proper object identification.  He shares his insights about how objects fit into a healthy test automation strategy and explains how the proper use of XPath expressions contribute to this strategy- something which is often overlooked by developers. The following are 4 key points taken from his explanation of techniques for object identification in

How to Size Your Mobile Device Lab

After gathering feedback from customers, we have found the main problem companies usually face when building and sustaining a mobile device lab is the size of their lab- matching the device list to their organization's requirements and sizing the lab accordingly. If the lab size is not accurate, improving test cycle velocity and overall quality will be difficult. In this post, we'll highlight one approach to sizing a mobile device lab based on specific requirements. To help with your

Perfecto Announces Free Availability of a Dedicated iOS 11 Customer Test Cloud

The pressure is on! Apple has just released the public beta 1 for its upcoming iOS11 release expected early fall. Smart iOS app development teams are testing this version today. Think about it, any iOS users in the market today can start exploring this new beta version. What impression will your brand’s app create?  How will your app perform? Perfecto already announced same day support for the 1st developer preview in its cloud last month.

Perfecto Offers First in Market Support for iOS11 Dev Preview

It is the time of year, post WWDC that Apple rolls out its next major iOS release to the developer community. With the excitement around the 10th anniversary of iPhone and a new major release, teams need to understand the impact to their existing iOS applications. Before drilling into the implications, I am happy to announce, that Perfecto is the 1st in the market to offer support for the new iOS11 platform for both manual

How the “Digital Quality Handbook” Was Born

Travel back with me… to late September 2016. It’s the Jewish New Year, and I am in Boston, MA. As I celebrate the passing of another great year, I think to myself, “After being in the software quality space for nearly 20 years, isn’t it about time that I reach out to the community of thought leaders and influencers and create an asset that can fill a gap in the market that we can give

5 Key Factors to Know When Planning Your 2017 Device Lab & Browser Lab

With the close of Q1 2017, the mobile and web space are busier than ever. Only in the mobile space, we look at more than 200 leading smartphones being released every year, more than 20 different iOS and Android OS version releases. Web isn’t lagging behind in terms of innovation with a monthly release of Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers that impact both the web as well as responsive web apps. With that growing market

New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Available for Testing in the Perfecto CQL™

Continuing more than 3 years’ track record of same-day support for new versions of devices, browsers and OS versions, Perfecto is pleased to announce availability of the newly introduced Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus devices in its continuous quality lab – CQL™. These 2 new smartphones, first announced in MWC 2017, were just shipped to the market following pre-orders of more than 1 million units. Samsung, as the biggest Android OEM, is innovating its

A Responsive Web Design Testing Strategy Leveraging Selenium Automation

Intro to Responsive Web Design- RWD There’s been a clear transition toward developing responsive website design (RWD) over the past few years. This adoption is driven by factors like: Consistent user experience (UX) and display across platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) Easy maintenance of the product – write once, deploy anywhere concept Cost savings due to specific dev and test skill set and tooling used across the RWD SDLC With the excitement and benefits above,

A Winning Recipe for Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

There’s no doubt that the bulk of software delivery today relies on test automation through open-source test frameworks. In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the main differences around the leading frameworks such as Appium, Selenium, Calabash, Espresso and XCTest UI. As a quick summary, the key points that were identified as critical for success in adopting an open-source is to have these 3 robust ingredients supporting that framework: 24x7 available and elastic

Top Challenges Your Mobile App Testing Will Face with Android O Release

Google has announced the availability of the initial developer preview release for its upcoming new major OS release – Android O (rumored to be named “Oreo”). While this is only a developer preview and some of the included features in it can change or be pulled out in the future, this should be a perfect time to assess the implications from a Dev perspective that such a release might have on your existing app quality,

Mobile Testing Coverage Calendar – New for 2017

We're one month out from the big MWC event in Barcelona, so it's a good time to re-validate whether your mobile testing lab is ready for this exciting year. 2017 is definitely going to be a remarkable year with regards to mobile innovation, and using a calendar as a team planning tool that takes this innovation into consideration, to continuously validate and fine-tune existing device/browser labs can reduce misalignments between business requirements and quality goals. Most

What You Need To Know When Planning Your Test Lab in 2017

As we kick-off 2017, I am thrilled to release the most updated 6th edition of the Digital Test Coverage Index report, a guide to help you decide how to build your test lab. 2016 was an exciting year in the Digital space, and as usual, Q4 market movement is sure to impact 2017 development and testing plans. And it doesn't appear that the market is slowing down, with continued innovation expected this year. In this post, I will summarize the key

Shifting Mobile App Quality into the Dev Build Cycles

There’s no doubt that quality is becoming a joint team responsibility, and with that in mind it is not enough for traditional QA engineers to develop and execute test automation post a successful build. Expectations around mobile application development teams are growing; they are on the hook to produce quality code. To do this, devs must try to include as many tests as they can in their build cycles for each code commit. Tests can

  • Digital Quality Champions

3 Ways to Make Mobile Manual Testing Less Painful

With 60% of the industry still functioning at 30% mobile test automation it's clear that manual testing is taking a major chunk of a testing team's time. As we acknowledge the need for both manual and automation testing, and without drilling down into the caveats of manual testing, let's understand how can teams can reduce the time it takes, and even transition to an automated approach to testing. 1. Manual and Automation Testing: Analyze Your Existing Test

  • Android vs. iOS

Why I Switched from iPhone to an Android Device

As a mobile evangelist at Perfecto, I spend a lot of my time observing the mobile and web space and following major iPhone and Android device trends. Recently, I crossed the aisle from iPhone to Android after being an Apple user for two years. I replaced my iPhone 6 Plus -- which I had been using as a personal and work-related device -- with a Google Nexus 6P phablet. While the Apple faithful may strongly

  • Replace Manual Testing with Automated Testing

3 Benefits of Replacing Manual Testing with Automation

All companies making the transition to digital share one common goal: release high-quality mobile apps more quickly. Whether they're introducing new app functionality, fixing a production issue or supporting a new operating system, time (or the lack of it) is always a factor. If you're relying on manual testing over test automation, get ready to lose the race against time. The consequences can be rough if you don't deliver a good working app in a

  • iOS 10 to Disrupt Mobile App Testing

iOS 10 Is About to Disrupt Mobile Testing Plans

In a previous post we mentioned the new features Apple is introducing with iOS 10. However, we did not touch on what the iOS 10 release means for existing mobile testing strategies. For background: Apple has decided with iOS 10 to make certain iPads, iPods and iPhones obsolete by stopping the OS they can run at iOS 9.x. The list of devices that will not be able to upgrade to iOS 10 and above are: iPad

  • Mobile Testing Avoids Apps Blowups

Mobile Testing: Why You Need to Focus on Background Apps

When testing a mobile app, teams should always keep in mind the real world user conditions that impact user experiences. One essential user condition for your testing strategy is popular applications that users run consistently such as Spotify, Waze and Facebook. How will your app perform when these apps are competing for device resources? In our newly-available edition of our Digital Test Coverage Index report, we've partnered with App Annie to help teams get closer

  • Mobile App Testing on Android Nougat

3 Practical Tips For Shifting Your Mobile App Testing To Android Nougat (7.0)

Google has just released its new major platform code name "Nougat" (7.0). Along with the excitement of a new platform introduction, there are important implications on existing apps, test scenarios and Android product release schedules. First, let's clarify that most of the Nexus devices such as 6, 9, 5X, 6P and the Pixel C tablet (older devices like Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 won't get this update) are eligible to get an upgrade through the Beta program enrollment.

  • Pokemon GO tested by Selenium WebDriver

Pokemon GO: Mobile and Web Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

Pokemon GO continues on its unprecedented tear through the mobile world. Last week TechCrunch and other new sources reported the app reached a record-breaking 75 million downloads across Android and iOS. Given Pokemon's immense popularity, we decided to do some mobile automation testing of the Pokemon GO responsive website on different devices. We used Selenium WebDriver for the test given that Selenium is the leading open-source test automation tool with support for all the major

  • Best Mobile Testing Tools

Perfecto Enhances Web Testing and Android App Development

At Perfecto, we always try to help DevTest teams perfect the digital experience for their mobile and desktop users. Today we're taking another step forward with the launch of a new product release -- version 8.5 of our Continuous Quality Lab. This release will improve how app developers and testers perform mobile and web testing. CQ Lab key enhancements include: Android Studio IDE plugin enhancements Visual analysis support for web application testing Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Optimize Digital Experience Across Wearables and IoT

How to Speed Up Your Mobile Testing Cycles

Organizations today face two major challenges when building and sustaining a mobile testing lab that improves app quality and speeds up time to market. The first challenge is around selecting the right device/OS models on which to test their applications in a market where there are constant changes. Tackling this challenge can be done by using analytics and other tools such as Perfecto's Digital Test Coverage Index reports and its Digital Test Coverage Optimizer. These

  • iOS 10 Phone Testing

iOS 10: What’s New and How Will It Impact Mobile Testing?

Like clockwork, Apple uses its WWDC (worldwide developer conference) to announce upcoming OS releases expected in the fall, specifically iOS 10, and this year was no different. Yesterday at WWDC2016, Apple announced some innovative changes, features and tools. One of the key announcements was about iOS 10, which comes with a list of new user interface features. History shows that Apple customers shift to a new major OS within the first 1-2 weeks after launch, which

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