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Perfecto TV: Brad Hart One-on-One on Agile and Fast Feedback

Brad Hart, Perfecto's VP of Product Management sits down with us for a Q&A session on achieving Agile with faster feedback in across the app dev cycle, in support of Yuval Yeret's  (AgileSparks) eBook, Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle which focuses on best practices for the Agile approach for software delivery.   Take a look, and please, let us know what you think. If you want to talk more about it, let

A Week of App Testing Day 4: Mobile Device Coverage

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at Mobile Device Coverage. This is a topic we love here at Perfecto. Testing on a single device doesn’t mean that your app will work an all devices. And testing on every device in the world is simply un-doable. We’ll help you understand how to reach an adequate level of coverage to ensure app compatibility on devices actually

A Week of App Testing Day 3: Mobile Test Automation that Works

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at mobile test automation, and specifically, automation that works. And that’s an important differentiator. When apps fail, close to 50% of developers site a lack of reliable automation as the primary reason (read the report). The pace of modern mobile development coupled with the variety of tests required to ensure delivery of a quality product have driven development

A Week of App Testing Day 2: Why Mobile Testing Matters

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at why mobile app testing matters. Seems obvious, but so often, we run into companies that put velocity over quality, and and up paying for it in the form of bad app reviews, damaged reputation, and loss of business. Developers are fallible. Even with best intentions, they make mistakes, usually without being aware of it. Development organizations thoroughly

A Week of App Testing Day 1: Introducing the Concept of Mobile App Testing

So you’re thinking of building a mobile app or perhaps you’ve already built one; depending on the approach you’ve taken, it could be a web app, a native app, or both. This week, we are going to dig into some excerpts from a new eBook, entitled “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” designed to help get readers started with mobile app testing basics and provide some mobile app testing tips as well.   Perfecto