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Discussing The Importance of Streaming Video Quality with Stephen Dolan Sr.

Video streaming is becoming one of the key elements of modern digital applications. They enable innovation, new user experiences and new business models in many verticals, from retail, FinServ, social, media, etc. The entire ecosystem is going through a revolution: the application architecture is changing – the delivery formats, screens and devices used to consume content, etc. I am joined by my colleague Stephen Dolan Sr, Product Manager at Accenture, to discuss some of the

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User Journey, A Way to Prioritize Your Test Strategy

In the current age of delivering highly complex digital applications, in a competitive market for high-expectation end users, maintaining quality seems like a daunting task. Furthermore, agile cycles are shrinking to meet competitive deadlines. A typical product owner needs to balance 3 sprint investments (frankly, on a daily basis): innovation, tech debt and bugs, and testing. They all need to be optimized. In the case of testing that means considering: efficient parallel executions, ongoing availability

Test Automation for Windows 10 Surface

About Windows 10 Surface Windows 10 Surface machines are becoming popular laptops, so many enterprises are developing Windows applications for this platform. The default browser on these machines is Microsoft Edge, which has several form factors and can behave as a laptop or a tablet. In short, there’s a lot that’s new and different on these machines that can go wrong. Naturally, test automation is the appropriate direction for ensuring high quality of applications and

Mobile Testing of Location-Powered Android Apps

Mobile Testing Background Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to hail a car service or find a nearby coffee shop and your phone location has you a few blocks away, and the circle covers a two miles radius? Understandably, it drives users nuts! This is why it's important to have mobile testing for your location-based app.   Figure 1: Location accuracy could impact where your driver would pick you up. Many

Performance Testing in the Age of Agile and Digital Transformation

Performance Testing Has Evolved Performance testing does not resemble what it used to be, say, five years ago. When you examine the tools provided and their capabilities, they tell a story. Careful examination and tuning of the scalability, potential break points, and efficiency of backend services was the main objective. What changed? Here are a few pointers to get started: Digital transformation: The pivotal role played by mobile apps and web sites in the core

How to Handle Pop-ups and Out-of-Window-Artifacts When Web Testing

Out-of-window user interaction is fairly common these days with desktop websites. Popups can be used to grab users’ attention or to serve a specific function that one may not want to deliver in the body of the page, etc. Some examples include login popup, and the ability to save or refresh a password in the browser. Recently, HTML5 added common popups which request access to user location, microphone, and memory. The latter, for example, allows

Quality Testing: Challenges Insurance Companies Face in the Battle to Become Digital

  Insurance companies are making their way into the digital space after a slow uptake compared to fintech and retail verticals who have responded to the rapid digital disruption. There’s no denying that QA, test and dev teams in this industry face many hurdles in terms of rolling out quality mobile and web apps, and providing optimal UX across the many complex digital touch points associated with insurance transactions. The big question now is how

Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll

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Perfecto Release 9.3 Is Major Push Toward Efficient Continuous Quality

Perfecto’s Release 9.3 delivers a significant number of new capabilities and service improvements. It’s not every release about which we’d write a dedicated blog post, however I felt compelled to share my perspective on the value points that this tremendous release delivers. In the area of digital testing, we’ve made a significant leap in our alignment with market share of desktop OS and browsers. According to Net Market Share, the following represents the current distribution: Desktop

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Accelerate Continuous Quality in Mobile Banking and Retail

In their Q3’ 2017 earnings report, Bank of America reported growth in their online and digital banking adoption to 21 million mobile banking active users. "That’s better for customers, it’s also better for our shareholders," said Paul Donofrio, Bank of America CFO. "It’s one-tenth the cost of walking into a branch.” Key to mobile banking continuous quality success is automation. The Bank of America example is not unique and is in line with the trend toward digital banking interactions

  • Mobile Testing Across All Digital Platforms

Mobile Testing Tips: Watch the Market, Focus on Betas

The rate of new technology adoption has been accelerating at a staggering pace. When it comes to mobile devices, updating operating systems has become a no-brainer -- people assume they're getting the new feature-packed release shortly after it's become available. Hence, the frequency of these releases makes mobile app testing an imperative for every digital enterprise. Some adoption stats iOS 9 crossed 50% adoption a mere 11 days after its launch in Sept. 2015. By

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Using Python to Develop Selenium and Appium Scripts

The Perfecto Lab Eclipse Plugin now supports Python development. In this post, we'll show you how to set up your Eclipse for Python environment, create test scripts, and we'll also provide you with basic templates for running test scripts using Appium or Selenium WebDriver. Setting Up Your Eclipse for Python Development Environment Before doing mobile app development using Python, you will need to perform the following steps: Download Python 2.x from the Python Organization. Go

  • Bridge the Business and IT Gap

The ‘Digital Shift’ Offers Chance to Unify IT and Business

Think of your favorite brands -- a bank, an athletic apparel chain, an airline -- and consider how much more you engage with them via mobile devices compared to five years ago. No contest, right? Mobile is now the predominant customer engagement point for so many brands. But with this power comes great responsibility, as users' already-high expectations for performance rise every day. And while mobile apps are a major part of our digital lives,

Stay Ahead of Data Breaches with Proactive Monitoring

It's hard to imagine anything more damaging to a brand than when customer information is leaked because of a breach. Just ask Noel Biderman, former CEO of notorious web site Ashley Madison, or the site's users. With the proliferation of complex systems, integrations with third parties, and all the work it takes to ensure an app meet user expectations, it's a tall order to keep sensitive data safe and secure. When a leak happens, the

Proactive Monitoring in the Digital Experience Age

Tremendous shifts are happening in the way customers are interacting with brands. Customers are making the choice of digital interaction over brick-and-mortar visits for more and more services. For the most part, that interaction continues across different screens — tablets, laptops, smartphone and smart watches. This is a story that many businesses can tell, be it the banking industry, the airline industry, or even horse betting. Enterprises are striving to deliver innovative digital strategies offering

Be Ready to Monitor Apps on the Right Devices

In the world of mobile app monitoring, the saying goes, "know your end users and adopt their perspective." But knowing the mobile end-user is becoming increasingly complex. To start, the ecosystem of devices and operating systems is changing rapidly. Users transition to new devices and install new versions of the OS at different rates. Also, applications are updating rapidly with the introduction of agile development practices that allow companies to speed up the release of

The Need For Real Mobile Monitoring

Author: Amir Rozenberg, Sr. Director Mobile Performance and Monitoring Products, Perfecto Mobile   The team had spent enormous cycles creating a new application. It has been tested in the various QA contexts: functional, automation and performance. The marketing team has done a tremendous job promoting the new application launch and the audience is anticipating its arrival into the app store. On launch day, user downloads, engagement times, product lookup, add to cart and checkouts are

Webinar: Effective Mobile Test Automation Using the Hybrid Approach

Thursday, January 10, 2013. 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST Register Now!   Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing insights into efficient mobile test automation using both native and visual objects, followed by a hands-on demonstration of cross platform mobile test automation of Native and Web applications In this webinar you will: Uncover key challenges in a mobile test automation project Learn the differences between Native objects and Visual objects and why it’s

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Webinar: The secrets to successful Mobile Testing – The Right Way to Automate

Wednesday, October 18, 2012. 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT Register Now! Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing hands-on demonstration on how to effectively test your mobile websites and applications for quality.   In this hands-on webinar you will: See the Hybrid Approach to mobile testing in action – using both OS-level objects and GUI objects Discover how automation is effectively used for functional, regression and continuous testing on both native apps and

Myths and Realities of Android Mobile Testing

As enterprises focus on mobile business, going to market with an application that might have a critical bug or usability issue is not an option. At the same time, the variety of OS versions, screen characteristics, and other hardware differences presents a seemingly insurmountable challenge from a testing standpoint. Even within the Android market, the huge amount of diversity is a major issue for enterprises wishing to offer a high-quality mobile product. In trying to

Seen One Android . . . Seen Them All?

    In the first three months of 2012, Android continued its relentless march towards domination of the global mobile market, accounting for some 56% of world smartphone shipments (Source: Gartner). Its latest major OS version (Ice Cream Sandwich or simply V4.0) is gaining fast market traction with over 21% share, most of which happened in the last 3 months where it practically tripled its total share. While Android is everywhere, it would

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