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3 Lessons to Learn from Snapchat in 2018

If you’ve been following the meteoric rise of Snapchat since 2012 - or their subsequent drop-off after their app overhaul - you’ve seen a young, disruptive company experience some growing pains.  A leaked 6000-word, internal memo from its CEO, Evan Spiegel, offers some frank and straightforward insights into difficulties which were caused by the company’s app redesign. According to TechCrunch, a humble Spiegel admitted to impatient strategic moves.  Perhaps taking a page out of

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Book Worms and Testers Unite: Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals is Here

Exciting things are happening here at Perfecto! Today we announced the upcoming release of our second book, Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals.   Debuting next week at Jenkins World | DevOps World, and spearheaded by Perfecto’s own Eran Kinsbruner, we collaborated with the best and brightest in the industry to provide in-depth guidance on implementing and sustaining continuous testing (CT) across the DevOps pipeline, how to address testing challenges, and offered insight into preparing

5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Continuous Testing Efforts

The CT recipe:  people, process, technology No matter where you work, you're probably already using some type of agile method.  However, recent research has shown that maturing from agile to DevOps is easier said than done.  It turns out that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for implementing DevOps is the lack of Continuous Testing (CT).  Without CT, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery simply can't work. Given that a large majority of organizations are

Perfecto Announces Support for Android 9 Pie

Fragmented Android OS Landscape Creates Challenges for App Developers Perfecto today announced fully testing capabilities for Android 9 Pie. Perfecto customers can immediately test the newest release from Google across the Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab. What’s New in Android Pie Released yesterday, Android Pie introduces a new gesture-based “swipe” system interface similar to the iPhone X, a new dashboard to track usage — again much like the Apple screen time feature, an adaptive battery feature

8 Considerations (and 18 questions) for Executives When Planning for Continuous Testing

When planning for a continuous testing strategy, leadership should have a comprehensive plan for all teams and individuals. The more you tailor each of these aspects to fit your organization, the more likely you are to succeed in your continuous testing efforts. 1. Number of projects and their type (mobile, web, responsive web, progressive web, etc.) Do you have parallel development teams? A team for native, web/mobile? A team to maintain test code? WIth the never ending number of device and browser permutations, there’s a lot of code to maintain just to keep your current features and user experience functioning properly across all platforms.

App Bug of the Week: Is Your App Smarter Than a Sixth-Grader?

OK, it’s not exactly a corporate doomsday scenario. Still, a recent story from the BBC is a perfect illustration of why testing real-world scenarios needs to be a part of your testing strategy. The sample size might be too small to draw any definitive conclusions about humanity but, if this group is any indication, you might want to keep an extra eye on your 11-year-old. So, what happened? In a nutshell, some students (aged 5-15 years old) were given a standardized spelling test - on their laptops - online. Have you guessed where this is headed? Well, it appears that some of the students in primary 7 (roughly 6th grade for us Americans) were touched by the light of inspiration. They turned on their online spell checkers.

Appium 1.8 : The 7 Features You Need to Know About in this Major Release

More Upgrades Than You Can Shake a Stick At Don’t be fooled by the version number. Appium 1.8 is a major release and it packs the new features to prove it. If you use Appium and you haven’t already upgraded, you’re going to want to. Our own Eran Kinsbruner hosted a webinar with Jonathan Lipps, Appium project lead and founder of Cloud Grey, to give us the low-down on this awesome new release.

CA’s Agile Requirements Designer & Perfecto’s CQ Lab: A Match Made in Heaven

With the rapid pace of technology growth today, it’s no surprise that organizations are under constant pressure to deliver working software faster than ever before. But at what cost? What were once well thought out test cases are now giving way to loose requirements and software that is riddled with bugs. This is where CA's Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) is helping companies make exponential progress by providing a tool for end-to-end requirements gathering, which then

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Using Python to Develop Selenium and Appium Scripts

The Perfecto Lab Eclipse Plugin now supports Python development. In this post, we'll show you how to set up your Eclipse for Python environment, create test scripts, and we'll also provide you with basic templates for running test scripts using Appium or Selenium WebDriver. Setting Up Your Eclipse for Python Development Environment Before doing mobile app development using Python, you will need to perform the following steps: Download Python 2.x from the Python Organization. Go

Webinar: Effective Mobile Test Automation Using the Hybrid Approach

Thursday, January 10, 2013. 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST Register Now!   Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing insights into efficient mobile test automation using both native and visual objects, followed by a hands-on demonstration of cross platform mobile test automation of Native and Web applications In this webinar you will: Uncover key challenges in a mobile test automation project Learn the differences between Native objects and Visual objects and why it’s

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Webinar: The secrets to successful Mobile Testing – The Right Way to Automate

Wednesday, October 18, 2012. 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT Register Now! Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing hands-on demonstration on how to effectively test your mobile websites and applications for quality.   In this hands-on webinar you will: See the Hybrid Approach to mobile testing in action – using both OS-level objects and GUI objects Discover how automation is effectively used for functional, regression and continuous testing on both native apps and

Myths and Realities of Android Mobile Testing

As enterprises focus on mobile business, going to market with an application that might have a critical bug or usability issue is not an option. At the same time, the variety of OS versions, screen characteristics, and other hardware differences presents a seemingly insurmountable challenge from a testing standpoint. Even within the Android market, the huge amount of diversity is a major issue for enterprises wishing to offer a high-quality mobile product. In trying to

Seen One Android . . . Seen Them All?

    In the first three months of 2012, Android continued its relentless march towards domination of the global mobile market, accounting for some 56% of world smartphone shipments (Source: Gartner). Its latest major OS version (Ice Cream Sandwich or simply V4.0) is gaining fast market traction with over 21% share, most of which happened in the last 3 months where it practically tripled its total share. While Android is everywhere, it would

MobileCloud for Rational

  Perfecto Mobile is pround to announce MobileCloud for Rational. MobileCloud for Rational unites IBM’s test management expertise with Perfecto Mobile’s best-in-class cloud-based automated mobile testing technology. Fully integrated with Rational Quality Manager (RQM), this solution allows companies to initiate mobile test execution, manage the testing process and track results all from within the Rational environment. MobileCloud for Rational enables enterprises to cost-effectively extend their functional and regression testing to mobile, with centralized test management and visibility across the organization.

Take the “Express Way” to Enterprise Mobility: Interview with ING Direct CIO

Join Tim Durnford, Perfecto Mobile VP, and Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO of ING DIRECT, Canada’s leading direct bank, for a rare inside look at how industry-leading HP customers have built cost-effective, end-to-end mobile application testing using the Mobile Cloud. Kithulegoda presents a case study showing how his organization extended its HP Unified Functional Testing (QuickTest Professional) to support an innovative suite of mobile banking apps.

Visit Perfecto Mobile at Better Software West

Perfecto Mobile @ Better Software West Time and Place: June 13–14, 2012. Las Vegas, Nevada Visit our booth - visit us at booth #6 Join our session - Selecting the Right Mobile Testing Solution: Practical Considerations Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:30 PM The MobileCloud Platfrom Perfecto Mobile will present at Better Software West (June 13-14 2012, Las Vegas) its latest version of its state-of-the-art solution for mobile application testing, automation and monitoring including Perfecto Mobile’s

HP and Perfecto Mobile: A Proven Approach to Enterprise Mobile ALM

In the challenging and complex world of enterprise IT, successful implementation of a mobile ALM solution requires much more than great technology (although that certainly helps!). Integration, business processes, security and compliance are just a few of the factors that can either make or break your deployment. HP and Perfecto Mobile (an official part HP’s IT Performance Suite) have developed a best practices approach for deployment of mobile ALM within an enterprise's IT environment. Reflecting

Perfecto Mobile Since HP Discover 2011- What a Difference a Year Can Make!

The pace of the mobile industry never ceases to amaze. Almost one year ago, we announced the launch of our joint solution with HP for automated mobile testing at HP Discover. In the mobile space, as we know, a lot can happen in one year. To see what we've been up to over the past year, check out our live demos (Booth 155) and attend our speaking sessions at HP Discover 2012. Since its launch,

Visit Perfecto Mobile at Testing and Finance Europe

Perfecto Mobile @ Testing and Finance Visit our booth - visit us at booth #6 Learn more - contact us directly The MobileCloud Platfrom Perfecto Mobile will present at Testing and Finance Europe (May 16-17 2012, London, UK) its latest version of its state-of-the-art solution for mobile application testing, automation and monitoring including Perfecto Mobile’s advanced HP ALM extension.   Find out more about the MobileCloud and how you can Leverage the mobile cloud to

Mobile Testing on the Blogosphere: Security is the Main Concern of Mobile Banking Users

Security is the Main Concern of Mobile Banking Users Mobile technology security was the primary concern provided for not using mobile payments (42 percent), and the second most common reason for not using mobile banking (48 percent). This data was published in a survey conducted by the board of governors of the Federal US Reserve System. The survey also reported a near 21 percent of mobile phone users who have not used mobile banking within

Join the Mobile Testing Event Near You

Whether you’re an existing customer or still evaluating your options, we can help you succeed with your mobile testing. Watch live product demos, get your questions answered by experts, and connect with local peers. We look forward to seeing you in one of the upcoming events HP Testing – Atlanta User Group meeting HP Software Universe UK&I   HP Testing - Atlanta User Group meeting  Read more and register When:     5/2/2012, 3:00 - 8:00

Visit Perfecto Mobile at STAREAST

Perfecto [email protected] STAREAST - Visit our booth - visit us at booth #26 - Join our technical presentation -Wednesday April 18, 15:00-16:00 - Testing Mobile Web and Apps – Overview & Demo - To learn more or schedule a meeting - contact us directly The MobileCloud Platfrom Perfecto Mobile will present at STAREAST (April 18-19, Orlando, FL) its latest version of its state-of-the-art solution for mobile application testing, automation and monitoring including Perfecto Mobile’s advanced

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Mobile Testing on the Blogosphere: “Stop whining about Android fragmentation”

More Smartphones are sold these days than PC's. Enterprises can feel the ever-growing importance of obtaining flawless and secure mobile applications and websites. With the growing interest in mobile testing, there is a likewise rise in the number of available documentation about mobile testing. We collected several interesting bits of shared experiences and reviews from around the Web. Android Fragmentation is Manageable! Todd Hooper, CEO of a gaming company called Zipline, shares his experience of

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